Discord Bot Pinger

I want to make a bot on Discord using python and the Nextcord Library, But I’ve heard that without the “Always On” option enabled, the repl would die every 5 minutes.
Is there any way to ping the repl once it dies?

I have a bot with 14:20:14 uptime and counting… just use an external pinger. https://uptimerobot.com no longer provides status checks, but it’ll ping your repl at a regular interval, which causes the repl to be run. Make sure you don’t make the interval too high because that’ll waste your egress and possibly cause your repl to go down

Can it bug and make the bot go down?

On my bot: freshping.io hasn’t reported any downtimes, which means that any downtimes were <5m. My bot reconnected twice yesterday, and one reconnection was 01:06:17 after the other.