Discord bot not working on replit

Hello, i using replit for discord bots hosts, i have many repls with normal hosting. but for some reason, when I make a repl, specifically for my main bot, it always stops functioning after a couple of days. I do not understand what it depends on, when testing in the termux, I understood that this is not a discord rate limit, but a replit rate limit, I tried to do something, but nothing helps. How many things have I tried. I changed the token, created a new application, did whatever I wanted. I don’t understand anything, what should I do, maybe good people with ask.replit.com help me.
P.S I use replit because it works well and with the help of monitoring, bots practically do not turn off

Is your repl deployed or have always on? If you are using a pinger it may not always work


Replit is starting to block pingers, maybe try a different service if you need 100% uptime… fly.io has a free tier and is pretty easy to use.


It is exactly 1 bot that does not work, and always, I put other bots with the keep-alive method and everything works, but with this bot