Discord bot having delay on repl but not on vs code or any host server

Hello, so when i host my discord bot in repl.it with my pro plan package with boosts after i run 1 command my bot starts to have massive ammounts of delay it takes 2-3 minutes for the command to execute after u run it in the server, also if i host my bot in visual studio or another hosting platform it works 100% fine. same code and everything

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This is proably caused by:

  1. Replit being slow. (Replit is not the fastest thing out there.)
  2. Replit is constantly ratelimited by Discord. (Think of just how many Discord bots are on replit.)


What Tier?

i have the boosted x4 thing

and could you recommend me something to fix this?

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You can try running kill 1 in the Shell to move it to a different IP, though it probably won’t improve by much.

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Yeah i tried doing kill 1 and it still wont work

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Then there’s not much you can do. I’d recommend hosting the bots elsewhere, or having your bot send requests from a different IP somehow (No, I don’t know how.)

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ohh, Alright do you have any recommendations on a good free bot host?

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Unfortunately I do not. Sorry. Maybe someone else does.

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ohh alright thank u for helping me i appreciate it

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Maybe you could use an IRCNow shell account. Would your bot be able to run on openbsd?

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Whats openbsd? and what is IRC Now? can u contact me on discord feen4_isaac#6036

A Linux distro.

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server.

Probably don’t post that publicly.

oh i just need a simple discord host for my bot do u recommend me to host on my PC or does that use a lot of electricity?

Can anyone contact me via discord “feen4_isaac#6036” i am willing to pay to anyone tha can help me

Please don’t post that publicly.

If you’re willing to pay people that help you then you should consider creating a bounty.

Create a bounty to fix a repl issue nah

Then how are you supposed to pay whoever solves your issue? And bounties are really flexible, you can make one for pretty much anything programming related.