Discord Bot has no console output in Reserved VM

I have deployed my discord bot with a “reserved VM” as that what it states I should use within Replit itself.

My bot starts and works as expected but I have created my bot with a few print() (Python) functions which effectively print to the console. I’m not seeing this in the console tab of my deployment. Am I missing something or do need to change my code format to get it to display in there.

:wave: Welcome @elliotajames!

You’re checking the “Logs” tab?

Are you sure the print statements work when you run the program, not deploy?


Yes when running my bot normally (not deployed) it prints everything, but when I deploy it to the VM and check the logs tab, there’s nothing. I get errors (example would be if a message is sent over the 2000 character discord limit) but nothing else that I have coded in to print().