Discord bot broken, can someone please help review?

This is all about my bot that I coded and is public under my username. Bot is here

Ever since the most recent update of Discord, my bot has continued to fail. One of the most recent re-occurring issues is that it gives an error due to

discord.errors.HTTPException: 429 Too Many Requests (error code: 0):

There seem to be other issues as well. I am not the greatest with coding and was proud of myself for managing to get the SafeBooru search to work (took several hours of tweaking). So I would really appreciate any help or insights anyone can give me to help this work. Thank you.

Error 429 means that you are rate limited. That means that you made too many requests to discord servers and now you are blocked for some time.

You can leave the bot as it is for some time and then try again later.

To not encounter this again, see where you are making too many discord API calls. Are you sending too many messages? Are you trying to initialize the bot client too many times (restarting your repl again and again)?

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