Disconnection Error

Problem description

When I try to access a project, I get a message that “You are disconnected
Your connection to the server has been lost and reconnection attempts have failed. Please refresh the page to continue.” When I refresh it constantly shows me that message. It could be the internet but I am curious if this has happened to anyone else and if somebody knows how to solve this problem.

Expected behavior

It should run the code

Actual behavior

It gives me and error message

Steps to reproduce

I don’t know how to reproduce it because I tried it on a different computer and it work perfect


Microsoft Edge



Device if mobile




@travislemonade Hi there and welcome.
Yes, it can quite possibly be an issue with your device establishing a stable internet connection. It could also be other issues.

Since you know the issue is specific to your device, I’d recommend comparing the differences between devices, and generally trying to narrow down where it’s failing.

For example: test on other browsers, clear your browser cache, reboot computer, apply OS or browser updates, reset the modem/router, forget network and manually connect to it again, try another network, etc. You get the idea, but basic troubleshooting to start and hopefully that’ll give some clues or even find a solution.

same thing happning with me if you have any solution , and you have solved your problem so please give me solution , i am suffering .