Disconnected from Replit? Refresh not working

In my Education team, I appear to be disconnected from Replit and clicking the Refresh button is not doing anything.

I’m trying to set up work for this term and have imported it from last year’s team - one project has been trying to migrate to the new environment for well over an hour. Perhaps it’s because I’m disconnected?

Please help!

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try adding ?skipMigration=1 to the end of your url and try again.

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Thank you so much - does that mean that the projects won’t get migrated or does it mean I need to do something else? This certainly works! Just need to know best plan from here…

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It won’t get migrated, but you could just download the file and then re-upload it in a new Repl.

Yes that’s what I think I’m going to have to do. Thank you for your help.

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Actually it looks like the problem has been resolved as the projects are now migrating. Thank goodness :slight_smile:

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