Disappointed in Replit Update

I honestly had such a good experience with Replit before, and I moved my projects from glitch to Replit. But all these new updates and terms are honestly disappointing. Like I have 5 projects always on, and Replit decided to change hacker plan’s 5 allowances to 1, and buying the rest with cycles, it’s just really inconvenient and frustrating. And since you want people to pay cycles, why don’t you give an option to buy more disk space with cycles? I have a documentation project and all of a sudden I can’t update it, because the disk is full. And with my bot, Replit said updating my project, and when it’s done, the project broke, the fact it said update and told me to enjoy just to break it ruins my mood, I wish Replit sees this and change things up. I wanted to quit and move back to glitch right now. Glitch has the plan with 5 always on project for $10, I honestly would be happy if the hacker plan on Replit is raised to $10 and come with 5 always ons.


I am pretty sure that is planned and in beta, but I could be wrong

Sorry about how you feel, but I really hope you enjoy your time with us.

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Hi! Seems like your Repl was using our legacy infrastructure. We’ve since upgraded our infrastructure to Nix and have been encouraging users to use Nix in their projects. Now that Nix is here to stay, we’re working on deprecating our legacy infrastructure to reduce maintenance burden and allow us to build even better features for our platform!

While I’ve done my best to make auto-migrations as close as possible to what users want and need for their migrated projects, it sounds like I missed the mark for one of the migrations. Would you mind sharing with me a link to your Repl so I can take a closer look, help fix things, and ensure that other users don’t run into the same problems?


Where can I share it privately to you?

You can click on their profile picture on the forum, and click “Message”:


You can click on my profile picture and select “Message”

Not seeing the button

Read a few topics, and up your TL, new users are heavily restricted on ask, and things like basic PM’s won’t work for low TL


ah, unfortunate. You may email me at “colton <at> repl <dot> it”

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Hi @FrosTechnology I see that your Repls were previously created using bash and scripts were added to download and install Python for use inside the Repl. While I recognize that legacy Repls were quite inconvenient when you needed a specific version of Python to use inside a Repl, this is unexpected behavior and I’m afraid there’s not much we can do on our end to work around this. However, here’s a couple ideas I have for resolving this issue:

  1. Upload the contents of your Repl to GitHub and then use Replit’s “Import from GitHub” feature. Be sure to omit your previous venv directory as well as the .replit and replit.nix files - Replit will add reasonable defaults for these. You may need to make some minor changes if your code relies on a version prior to Python 3.10, or you can try selecting the version in replit.nix and editing the environment variables there and in .replit.
  2. Try and fix up your current already-migrated Repl. Once you’ve added the appropriate Python version via replit.nix and set the PYTHONBIN environment variable appropriately, you may run curl -sL https://pythonify.util.repl.co/recreate_python3_venv.sh | bash to get your venv in a workable state. You’ll also want to borrow some other environment variables from the .replit and replit.nix files in https://replit.com/@replit/Python?v=1 for a comprehensive experience. (To see the files in the linked Repl, you can select the button that says “Show code” under the “use template” button. In the file explorer on the left side of the screen, click the 3 dots and select “show hidden files”)
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