Disappearing Exit Button after the screen goes on full screen mode

Problem description:
At your last update; the exit button disappears once the screen is on full mode

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hi @amyhelenDurdeva , could you provide more details on the problem you are facing?

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Hi Nate,
The error seems to be fixed, is no longer there. I just double checked.
Another thing I noticed is that the app keeps refreshing itseIf once minizmized.

Thanks for reaching out!


Here we go again and the 2 white buttons at the bottom keep disappearing as well upon slide and reappears when i get to the end of the slide .

I have attached a video screenshot of it

(Attachment IMG_0.MOV is missing)

@amyhelenDurdeva what device are you using? Could you reply with a video so we can see when the buttons disappear?


If you observe closely from the video; you could definitely see that the disappearance of both exit and white buttons at the bottom occurs once i start typing on the editor.

Device - iPhone 14 plus

@NateDhaliwal you only have pictures you don’t have any videos in the topic.


The video you provided didn’t seem to get uploaded properly. If possible, could you upload it to a third-party provider like Loom or Google Drive and send the link here?

Ok let me upload it on google drive and send you the link.

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