Disabling Replit accounts should be an option (and also notifications)

Describe your feature request
The account settings only have one management feature, which is kind of bad:

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

This is will solve minimum distractions on Replit as a whole.
Well, what do I mean?
Please note that is also a personal issue

I’m a first-year university student, aspiring to be a software engineer one day. I’ve been on Replit ever since 2020, and as of now, I am using it more as a social media site, and a way for me to share my own creations. I’ve been getting popular ever since I published VS Code Dark, and I’ve been getting tons of attention by the staff of Replit, and many users.

But, isn’t it good. At all?

Maybe it sort of is to me, but to others, especially my family, its bad.

I don’t want to start a rant whatsoever, but Replit has been a big distraction for me, especially when you’re a university student.

Also, I hate to say this in public, but my dad doesn’t want me to use Replit anymore, because he assumes its like those other social media sites, like Discord and Reddit, and he questions about the “enjoyment” I get on the site. Worse than that, I’m extremely nervous to say that I’m getting famous just for the VS Code theme ports, because he will not understand. I really don’t want to explain more about this in detail, but Dad, if you’re reading this, I :heart: you a lot! I don’t want to speak anything bad behind your back! Never!

Secondly, its hard to be a Repliter who has close to 200 followers. My popularity forces me to either make a blog post, tutorial, or to keep in touch with the community, therefore not making me focus on my university studies. It’s a big disappointment for me, because I legit feel bad for not focusing. I’m just wasting my valuable time (and also right now, writing this post, :rofl:).

I really want a solution, a solution that does not make my massive follower account, and appreciation disappear

So, instead of deleting my existence forever and making a new account, I want to disable it. @TG101 still exists on Replit, but nobody can actually see my account, or any of my projects/work. Disabling, is a more safer and easier option, so I won’t get bombarded with notifications, alongside with questioning from dad, because he wants me to disable them too, and also invalidates the attention (don’t know if its good or bad) I’m getting., and reduce distractions.

Look, I still love Replit, and I’m heavily inspired my the community and it has my favorite interest: Programming and Computer Science. It’s not toxic like Twitter,(people don’t swear, and are nice) and you can learn any programming language or whatsoever related to CS! However, its becoming more of a burden on me, and I would like to loosen up that burden. I’m in a desperate situation here, guys.

And, I’m sorry for sharing personal info, but I had to do it, in order to provide reason for said request.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I was doing nothing. I just wish I could disable my Replit account so I could focus on my studies, despite my unexpected popularity.

Anyway, that’s it.


I mean… isn’t it just as simple as turning off any email notifications and then simply not going to Replit.com? Because what would disabling/deactivating your account do that that wouldn’t?

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I’m talking about notifications in Replit.

You could make a team for friends (I think its called that) so it would be a lot harder to find the repls well still being on your account.

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But, if you don’t visit Replit, then you won’t get notifications… You don’t need to read the notifs either. And, if you’re getting them from the app, removed the apps permission to give you notifs.

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