Disable wrapping not working?

Hello, everyone,
I don’t know if it’s a bug but I have disabled the editor wrapping feature as per the documentation to prevent the formatting from wrapping too long lineee but when I save it keeps wrapping me. Can someone can help me and if there is a way to disable this?
I’m coding in python.


After save:

I’m new, some can help me to avoid this?


Code on Replit saves automatically, just look for the little cloud in the upper left corner (blinking = unsaved/saving, solid with check = saved). Hitting Ctrl+s triggers the auto-formatter instead (since saving is automatic).


Oh right, anyway the formatting is useful it’s the “wrapping” that I don’t want, can’t it be turned off somehow?

If you are sure you’ve done this, then the text shouldn’t be wrapped

See this topic


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