Disable ghostwriter for your "team"

Is there a way to disable ghostwriter all together for a whole “team”? I would like to remove the ghostwriter option all together so my students do not have the option to even try the ghostwriter.

Thank you

Hey, @AndrewHordichok welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, this is not possible to my knolage.

Ghostwriter is a paid product and is available only if it is purchased with cycles. There is a 14-day free trial, but access to the free trial is not something you can control for other users.

Yes I realize that, but I do not want my students to have access to it at all. As an administrator of the TEAM, I should be able to disable that option from members entirely. Is this possible? Students who are learning how to code should not have access to AI for potential cheating. Even the 14day trial shouldn’t be available to students.



Unfortunately this is not possible and the engineering team does not have the time or capacity to do this anytime soon.

Ok, thank you so much for your speedy reply. I understand and would appreciate that this be put on a “wish list” somewhere for future updates perhaps.

Have a good holiday season.


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Try putting this in #feature-requests!

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Just being honest here but now with chatGPT as an AI, this will make it so that students can cheat easily.
Just watch/ playback the history of their repls. You can tell if they copy and pasted code.