Disable code auto-tabbing

The autoformatting in replit is driving me crazy. C/C++, javascript, you name it. Replit just does the wrong thing constantly. The auto tabbing is the #1 problem.

In “settings” there seems to be zero control of the code formatting.

I have turned on/off “code intelligence”. I actually WANT code completion, function look ups, etc. but even with it off, replit is STILL trying to constantly format my code and put tabs everywhere I don’t want them.

Am I missing something? Is there another set of settings? Any basic editor has settings for tabs, auto tabs, tab size, etc. Seems like replit wants to tab constantly and there is no way to turn it off?


what exactly goes wrong with the “auto tabbing”? And what do you want to happen?

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Buy ghostwriter then xd.

When I hit return, I don’t want the editor to “guess” coding style, and tab, I simply want it to return to the same column as I was in, but on the next line.

Next, when I save, the editor reformats my code, it shouldn’t touch it. For example, I prefer this style:

// foo

But, when I save the editor will re-format like this:

while(1) {
// foo

The bottom line is I want the editor to stop tabbing on newlines, and simply, return to the next line in the same column.

And code completion and API lookup shouldn’t have anything to do with editing and layout. Seems replit have integrated these TWO functions together. But, even if I turn code intelligence off, the auto tabbing occurs when I hit return.

Here is the problem.

You are pressing Ctrl + S (Well I could be wrong, but I’m 99% sure you are). Replit autosaves files, so they made that the auto-format button. Stop pressing that button, as it doesn’t actually save your files.

Would you like me to move this topic into #feature-requests, then? Since AFAIK there is no way to turn off this behavior.

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Well, I will stop pressing CTRL+S, but looks like the tabbing isn’t something you can turn off, that really sucks. Anyway, yes, if you could move this to feature requests or whatever. Bottom line, we need basic control of the editor tab behavior. C/C++, JS, Python, all have different coding styles, and in python of course tabs change functionality, so auto tabbing is a really bad idea if users can’t control it.

Thanks, I will just accept that coding in replit is like stabbing myself in the eye repeatedly :slight_smile:

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