DigitalOcean vs Replit: Pricing

What I’ll be comparing:

  • DigitalOcean $6.00/month Droplet
  • Replit $6.40/month Deployment


  • vCPUs
    DO: 1vCPU
    Replit: 0.25vCPU
  • RAM
    DO: 1GiB
    Replit: 1GiB
  • Storage
    DO: 25GiB, persistent
    Replit: Account-based, non-persistent
  • Egress traffic:
    DO: 1,000GiB then $0.01/GiB
    Replit: 10GiB then $0.10/GiB


  • Backup
    DO: 5% total cost/month
    Replit: IDE “history”, no preserved drive
  • Vertical/Horizontal scaling
    DO: Vertical & Horizontal
    Replit: Neither
  • DNS management
    DO: Free
    Replit: Free, one domain
  • Firewall
    DO: Built-in
    Replit: “this Repl is too popular” lmao
  • Database, lowest tier
    DO: $15/month, 15GiB disk, MongoDB (MySQL is 10GiB disk)
    Replit: $10/month, 10GiB disk, MySQL

VM capabilities:

  • Virtual machine choice
    DO: Many Linux flavours, automatically copied, free
    Replit: you get what you get
  • Sudo mode
    DO: 100% admin access
    Replit: womp womp
  • IP Address
    DO: Static, reserved, 16 ivp6 addresses? Spoilt with internet.
    Replit: Floating. One address.
  • Supported inbound/outbound protocols
    DO: Everything
    Replit: HTTPS only.

Replit ties… once or twice, depending on what database you like. Winning? Once, for convenience … But I’m sure someone deploying an app that’s minimum $6/month can figure out how to use DigitalOcean.


Hmm… I might take a look at DigitalOcean…