Differences not displaying properly within autograder

See linked clip for description Differences Issue

Should display correct line where error is found

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Hey @Linseman!

I think this might be related to the issue I shared on your other topic: Help with a simple test. Once we fix that issue, can you check if you’re still seeing the issue with differences not displaying properly and let me know here?

Hi Shane,
I think I’m getting a handle on the issue after working with the autograder for the last month it is still a major issue. Any progress on the autograder issue?

The current workaround I am using is described here:

To answer your question though, NO, the workaround hasn’t fixed the issue with the differences displaying properly. The differences still do NOT display properly. They still currently display only on the first line and don’t help students find their mistakes as easy as before when you could see the actual line numbers.


We have brought additional teams to the conversation and are continuing to investigate. Thank you for the context regarding the workaround.

Hey all! I am happy to say that we have released a fix for this so the I/O tests feature should work as expected now. That said, if you are still seeing issues, please let me know!

Hi Shane,
I am curious to know what the fix was. There were in this case two separate issues. The first was detailed in “Help with a simple test”. The .replit files were not properly created when students forked the projects causing the autograder to always fail. This now appears to be fixed for NEW projects that are forked. Thanks for this.
However, as detailed in my video here, the other error with differences not displaying properly continues to annoy students (and teachers).
See video here for details on this error (post fix).

Hey @Linseman!

Thank you very much for the video. It aided us in reproducing the issue and confirming that this is indeed a separate issue. I have flagged this to the engineering team, though I cannot provide an ETA on a fix.


Thanks for holding on. Please check your email for the news on the deprecation of Teams for Education. It mentions that Teams for Education will no longer receive bug fixes or updates.