Difference between Web App and Background Task with Reserved VM?

I’m still in the process of studying all Deployment possibilities and what would be the best for my projects.

I have seen some limits of the Autoscale deployments and I’m now studying the Reserved VM.

When we create a Reserved VM, there is a choice between Web App and Background Task.
As the Reserved VM is a dedicated server with fixed vCpu and vRAM and that should stay always on, what are the differences between these choices ?

What are the configuration differences when we choose one or the other ? I have chosen Web App for my web app but i’m happy to have background processes that work perfectly on this VM (while they were not working correctly on autoscaler)

If I make a Web App with background processes, should I choose Background version ?



Thank you for your question. I did some research and found the answer. The web app runs a check before Deploying that asserts that the program opens up a port, and Background Worker doesn’t. I did notice this isn’t clear in our documentation and will have updated.


Hello @AdamElchert3 ,
Thanks for your clear answer.

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