Did the link change?

@LenaAtReplit The url of this community is changed I guess from community.replit.com to ask.replit.com and app stopped working so I found this by some exploring, Please notify others about this we have not received any notification and are not able to login.


It appears that it has. It gave me a heart attack that my ISP blocked it or something. The old URL should redirect here.

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Yeah at first I too thought my browser problem, then even after cleaning cookies not solved, So I thought there must be some maintenance or update going on.

Then I tried to reach here by that ? On teams and was able to log in successfully.

Hope other will be notified :slightly_smiling_face:

Url is not redirecting it show unavailable or moves to other address.

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I found this by making a new team and clicking the link to these forums. After the URL was changed

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And a bad thing is that my visit streak probably broke so I need to wait even longer for the visit 365 days in a row badge.

Oh don’t worry about that it doesn’t work in sequence way guess it counts activity a day or two of inactivity won’t affect your streak

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I also thought it was down, just received an email with a summary and this was the topic in the email!

Thanks both. The subdomain has changed but it was meant to automatically redirect from community to ask. This should now be resolved. Thank you for highlighting this!!

I can confirm it now redirects.

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