Did Replit Disable the Student Hacker Plan?

https://replit.com/site/github-students is still up, but one of my students in my class was unable to import private repos despite having GitHub student developer set up. They emailed Replit support and were told that “GitHub Dev Student Pack” no longer exists.

What happened to the Hacker Plan? And why was this not announced?


Replit no longer offers the free three months of Hacker plan to GitHub students. As for why, you’d need to speak with the staff. I find it unlikely that this wouldn’t have been announced anywhere, it may just be that this ‘announcement’ is buried. That said, I never saw any announcement myself.

@IanAtReplit, any chance you’d be able to find more info on this?

I can confirm that the GitHub Students 3 months hacker plan no longer exists. As for why the link is still active, I’m not sure. I’ll ask.


I got the hacker plan as a student, and I even wrote a freeCodeCamp article on how to get it less than a few weeks ago. It should work I think


Replit staff confirmed that his does not happen anymore just over 2 weeks ago

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Oh man, that’s unfortunate :frowning:

Hey all, you can now find up-to-date information on the Replit benefits included in the GitHub Student Developer Pack here. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


And what about us who already have hacker? We don’t get anything form it unless we stop getting hacker?


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