Did replit change hosting? Getting API call error suddenly

Question: Hi guys,
I had a chatbot running fine since Christmas via API call between replit and OpenAI assistant API. My frontend is Voiceflow. Since last week, it stopped working and all I get is the “API call error 500”.
Did replit change something significant? I noticed how the URL changed from “.co” to “.app”. I am so sorry - I’m way out of my depth here. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Not only have I updated the URL, but redeployed the whole thing and I even created a fresh API. I am at the end of my wits.

Yeah they changed hosting a little bit. Can you tell us more about what URLs you’re requesting to? (repl.co ones don’t work at all, and replit.dev ones only stay on for a bit)


Hi man, I appreciate the answer.
The URL initially was:

It worked fine for about three weeks. When it didn’t, I retraced every step of the way from OpenAI’s assistant API to Voiceflow. I went back to my replit and checked every step there. That was when I discovered the URL changed to:


I changed it in Voiceflow accordingly, but it didn’t help. I did everything I could think of. I also redeployed the replit / project. But the API call from Voiceflow to OpenAI won’t work anymore. And I suspect, it must have something to do with the hosting. Does any of that make sense to you?

Try deploying an autoscale app, and refrain from using Uptime services!

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Production type is Autoscale.
What is an Uptime service?

Previously before the changes you could use pingers to keep your Repl awake for free, but those don’t work anymore.


If you’re on autoscale, then just do the switch with the proper deployment name, rather than only the suffix.

Sorry, I don’t understand, what that means. I already subscribed for “Core”.

  1. Switch

What switch can I make and how?

  1. Deployment name

I just used the URL that is displayed in “Deployments → Production”.

So I am not deliberately using a certain suffix. I just copy/pasted the URL into my frontend.
I’m a total newbie to the whole topic and got into it via YouTube tutorials. That’s as far as I got on my own. Thanks so much for your replies!

I just learned, that the code needs to be deployed “Always on”, but that option doesn’t even show, when I deploy it. I upgraded to Core before I deployed the code - and I did that with Autoscale.
Now, after I deleted the old deployment and made a new one, my chatbot is up and running again. How can I secure, that it will stay up an running?

You’d need a reserved VM for that.

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