Did File History (Version Control) feature change?

I teach Python in higher ed. I used to be able to look at the historical changes of a Python file when students shared their project with me through the invite link. Now, when I look at the version tab on a student file, I only see the option to Create a Git repo. Is there a way to see historical changes of a shared file?

Do you have the new UI?

Hmmmm… How would I know? I looked under settings. I don’t see anything about UI versions. Here is what I see under the Version Control tab

That’s the old UI. There should be an icon in the top bar that looks like the image below to view the file history.

Is there a way to choose between the new UI and the old one? I found the history button below the editor window on one of the student projects and it is at the top in another student project. Thanks for your help @Ethan

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Yes. Go to this page and make yourself an explorer. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to view the history on the new UI

I found it in the bottom right corner on (what I think) is the new UI:


DIdent notice. Thanks for pointing that out

Thanks for your quick reponse, @Ethan!! Much appreciated.


Thanks for posting this - I had NO idea and was searching like mad.
Was there some sort of email or announcement that this changed?

Hi @MrBrash there was a pop up when I created a new Repl this evening so it has only recently been launched.

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