Diagnostic screen keeps showing up on python turtles

Bug description:
no matter what I do, switch my Chromebook, log in, log out, nothing seems to allow my screen to load; it keeps on stating that there is a problem. ( i am using python and imported turtles)
Expected vs Current Behavior:
expected to have the screen load up and show my turtle drawing
currently it is just not loading
Bug appears at this link:
Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@KarinaSamsanovi

My code is just fine, but my screen will just not load

There are a few things that might cause this:

  • Internet service provider (especially school wifi) blocks the output domain. Drop down the Diagnosis and try the link given to see if it is getting blocked. Sometimes, using firewalledreplit.com instead of replit.com fixes this issue (try firewalled on a separate or not recently opened repl because you can’t open a repl that’s been “started” by a non-firewalled session).
  • Sometimes it just happens. First, click Try again button. It probably will not work. Then, try running your program and clicking Try again while it is still running. Also try refreshing tab while program is running. These might work if there are no other problems.