"Development" Deployment

While reading through this topic, I saw an incredible, yet such a simple idea:

First of all, with the new cover page updates, sharing your repl has become increasingly harder, removing the ease of sharing your project on Replit. My suggestion (based on @haroon’s idea) is another deployment type called a “Development Deployment” that is completely free. (or something along those lines) This would allow for console-based projects to be shared, in a way, a new cover page, just without comments and such. This would add back the ease of sharing your creations, as it would be a sharable link to a console-based project that had a simple description, title, tags, (but if Replit insists, no comments), and a few other basic things. I know this may sound like a lot, but using previous code from the cover page should make it quite easy, in reality. I hope my idea is considered, at the very least, and possibly put into effect, as I am sure it would improve the quality of Replit.


Yeah that was my original plan for what they’d do, and honestly if this is how the social features “update” will change the cover page, I hope it’s adopted quickly.


So it’s just like a Cover Page, but no need to fork the repl to run it?


Basically what we have right now.


Why would they even make this? Why wouldn’t they just keep current cover page if they thought this was a good idea?


Because, it could be limited by visitors, or you could only get a certain number of them.

Then…ask…for that feature…

Seriously though, why would they follow through with this idea? Everyone’s just gonna go back to how it used to be, just with a few extra button clicks. You’re basically asking Replit to give back what they’re getting rid of. A feature request is a “good idea” that is a good feature to add, and I don’t think Replit would receive this request any more than the many devs complaining on Changes to Hosting on Replit and undo all of their decisions.

I see what you mean…nothing is final really, and when doing anything it is useful to see if “customers” want to product. A bit like “pretotyping” (not prototyping)


They’re gonna remove this too. As I said, I guess their only focus is

Then Deployments wouldn’t even be a thing…

Wow thats depressing

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I know. Everything they’ve done the past year is tbh