Developer Tools, Console, Explorer Mode

In HTML/JavaScript projects I have recently started losing my console, or having a non-function console. Turning off Explorer mode solved the problem, but now it is back and Explorer mode is off. Several but not all of my students are experiencing the same problems. My work around is to use the console in Chrome developer tools, but our IT policy has blocked Chrome developer tools for students so they really need Replit to work consistently. Has anyone else experienced this or have a work around? We’re writing projects for the AP-CSP test now so this is very bad timing.

Hey, @seelyj welcome to the forums.

Can you share with us a screenshot of this?

Not sure if I sent this correctly.

The developer tools wrench icon does nothing when clicked

Yea thats what I wanted. Let me see if I can reproduce this. (And that wrench is for a custom domain).

Obviously no need for console(“bob”), it’s just to demo the situation.

I think it’s the pencil that is the custom domain. I’ve been able to toggle a menu including the console with the wrench icon before.

I am also experiencing this bug with explorer enabled. Oh ok I forgot honestly.

We are actually rolling out in-repl developer tools to our users, but it’s only enabled for a small subset of users so far. Would you like us to enable it for you? If so, just lmk your username!

Can you add me to it? Username: coolprojects

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I initially solved the problem by turning off Explorer mode which seemed to get rid of the developer tools. I think it is the roll out that is causing the problem. The issue seems to be that some of my students are getting the developer tools without requesting them and they aren’t working correctly which seriously interferes with their programming projects since with the developer tools they lose consistent access to the console. Some students aren’t seeing developer tools and they have no problem. No students have Explorer mode on. I would like nobody, including myself to see developer tools, until such time as they work reliably.

We really only need the old console back.

Let me see what I can do! Do you mind dm’ing me your username and team name?

Thanks Lena,

UN: jeffseely

Team: LHSxCS


Thank you! We’ve just disabled it for you and your students so we have some more time to iron out any bugs.

btw if you do notice any specific bugs, let us know! You can report them at Loading... - Form by Asana