Detect how much someone has tipped you in Javascript

I want to know how to create a sign in with replit and then detect how much the user tipped my repl in Javascript!

I’m sorry, but there is no official feature for this and we aren’t allowed to tell you how to use Replit’s API to do this. You could search Replit and see if someone else has already done this.


Why’s can’t this be told @CoderElijah?


The Replit staff does not wish for stuff about the Replit API to be publicly known. So, anyone who knows anything is forbidden to share that knowledge. I know several users who have been banned for things relating to the Replit API. You are best to avoid it unless you have contacted Replit or really know what you’re doing.


there is a repl created by a mod (I think) at, and the schema is private so please don’t ban me. I know element1010 uses it for his/her chat.


So does this mean I can use the Replit API but not provide any detail about it on Ask @CoderElijah?

@KobyK1 Yes. You can use the tipping API like this:

This example gets the tips on a Repl by username called Repl.

It returns an array in the following format:

[ { "user": { "id": id of the person who tipped }, "amount": amount tipped } ... ]

An example of using this is my did you tip me Repl.

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No. This means you can use the Replit API (preferably have the code in a secret) but not provide any detail about it anywhere.


This should answer your question.


If you dont know if what you want to do is allowed you can always ask Contact

Though this if its just reading just for you repl its fine as long as its not a lot in a short amount of time


That’s not true, you still need to ask before you use it. In this case IDK who made that tipping API endpoint but it seems fine so the OP can just use that. We don’t endorse it so use at your own discretion we take no responsibility for what happens.


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