Depth first traversing graph

Could someone tell me what is wrong with my depth first graph

def searche(mgraph, visited_node):
    for key in list(mgraph.keys()):
        if key not in visited_node:
           return False
     return True

def dfs(graph, start_node):
    visited = [start_node]
    stack = []

    current = start_node

    while searche(graph, visited):
       decision = True
       for neighbour in graph[current]:
           if neighbour[0] not in visited:
               current = neighbour[0]
               decision = False

           if decision == True and not searche(graph, visited):
                current = stack.pop()
        return visited

graph = {‘A': [('E', 3), ('B'', 13)], 'E': [('A', 3), ('D', 9)], 'D': [('E', 9), ('C', 7)1, 'C': [('D', 7)], 'B': [('A', 13)]}

print(dfs(graph, 'A'))

No need anymore, I figured out the problem!!

:wave: Hey @TraceyO77!

It’s great to hear that you’ve fixed your problem, but please provide an explanation to how you did, so that other users with the same issue can easily find the solution.


The problem was that searche was returning False thus while searche was not running, instead while not searche

Also, if decision == True could just be written as if decision


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