Deployments, rate limit, and pythonanywhere

Hey, I tried contacting customer support to give me information, but they referred me here. I’ve tried to use repls as production releases, but kept having trouble with hitting the rate limit extremely quickly if I just navigated between pages too quickly (getting the Repl Unavailable page instead).

So I started using pythonanywhere as production instead, but it’s a laborious process to update, as I’m finding it hard to get github working (using replit as development > pushing to github > pulling to pythonanywhere).

Replit Deployments sounds like a great solution to that problem, and I could see myself being willing to pay $1.40 more per month to be able to use replit as development and easily push to production within the same site. However, those who’ve used replit deployment, have you found yourselves brushing against the rate limit, being hit with “This Repl is really popular! Try again soon.”? I don’t want to spend the time and money deploying through replit only to hit the same issues I was having before.


yeah the problem is replit just likes to make everything

expensive like literally, for some small comfort like not have to hit copy paste once, we have to pay for 200 dollars a month per repl to not do that. Think of it like this:
if you have to go to multiple stores to get all your ingredients vs if you could go to one store but the freaking carrots cost freaking $5m

You probably shouldn’t use replit for actual commercial deployments, there are cheaper options which have a better money:features ratio, and also support git.
Also usually when it says This Repl is really popular it’s because of an error in your backend code.

That would be the “This repl is currently unavailable” error, not the too popular one. I’ve talked with replit support before, and they confirmed that the really popular error is due to hitting their rate limit. If I just open up too many pages or refresh too quickly, I get hit with it, but refreshing after a few seconds loads the page correctly.

The unavailable page is shown whenever our core ratelimit is exceeded. This right limit is put in place to protect our infrastructure

I just want to know whether or not paying for replit deployment will allow my app to actually be usable in production, and not show that page.


With Deployments, the “Too popular” screen, intermittent restarts, and other issues will be vanquished. Your code won’t be automatically pulled from GitHub, but performing this process is as easy as pulling from the Git pane and hitting the Redeploy button.

See the blog post and regular VMs

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