Deployments not acting with main code

I don’t know how to make it so a deployment edits the actual repl’s code. I would like to do this as anything involving file changing on the actual repl side will not work and you’d have to have an external db setup in order to change file contents. I was wondering if there is a way to have deployments have an option for being able to change files and making it actually stay that way, even if it is reloaded (kind of like old links did).

I know that this can be fixed with a Reserved VM, but I would really like to have an actual way to change files instead of the deployment having to be constantly checked/visited in order to keep it up so content changed on the deployment side doesn’t reset back to the original deployment code.

(I’ve heard of Replit DB, but is it free? And does it work with all backend languages? If it is/does I will gladly use it)

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On second thought maybe I should’ve posted this in Feature Requests… Oh well.

Hey, do you mean you are editing the code of the deployment in the workspace and it isn’t automatically updating? If so, then this is intended behavior. It’s actually the reason Replit made deployments. It’s so that you can test your website, and if you break it, your deployment is still up and running as it was before it broke.
You are just supposed to redeploy every time you’ve made the change and confirmed it works.

No, I am aware that that is intended. However the problem is similar to that in which I want the deployment that is deployed to interact with the main code so that it can have data it loses when the deployment reloads.

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Oh, so you’re trying to save data into a file? Well, not to worry, because Replit is actually working on a solution for that right now: Object Storage. I was actually invited to the beta, and I can confirm, it works pretty well! I think they’re currently taking our feedback into consideration before fully adding it.

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Oh, that’s amazing! I was pretty upset when I deployed a site and linked it to my domain and I posted something, and an hour later it was gone because it reloaded.

Thanks for the help!

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Oh, and to answer your question at the start:

Replit DB is free. There is documentation to use it with Python, but if you open the “Database” pane from Tools under the sidebar, there are instructions for to use it in more languages IIRC.

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