Deployment secrets get wiped when a new deployment fails

Problem description:
If a new deployment is created for a REPL, it auto-copies the dev secrets across which is super useful when you have a lot of secrets and only need to change a few. However, if that initial deployment fails, the redeployment panel now has emptied all the environment variables which is unexpected.

Expected behavior:
Environment secrets for a deployment shouldn’t change without user input.

Actual behavior:
Environment secrets disappear if a new deployment fails, and you have to re-add them.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a new deployment on a REPL - notice the copied over environment variables. Deploy the REPL and make sure there’s a bug that makes the deployment fail (e.g. a typescript error that wont compile). Note the redeployment panel now has no secrets.

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Thanks for reporting! I’ll create an internal ticket to address this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thanks for fixing this! :slight_smile:

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