Deployment json not updating

is there a way to deploy and have json update whenever theres changes?

My json needs to be updated while it’s deployed because if I redeploy it if theres any changes to the code the JSON stays the same how it was when I first deployed it. Is there anyway to fix it?

Hi @chaosok , welcome to the forums!
Unfortunately, deployments do not have persistent file systems yet. Your best bet is to use an external database like Google Firebase’s JSON Realtime Database.
Hope this helps!

Do u know how to add that database to my code?

The instructions are all on the page. You will also need to setup a Service Account. I recommend putting all the private data into Secrets.

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I’ve done everything like do my JSON but how do I actually launch the firebase so that its working?

Add them into your code, and initialise them by importing the necessary libraries. On the page, you can select which language you are using.