Deployment Issue: 'Can't Create Repl Identity Signing Authority' Error

Hello Replit Community,

I’ve encountered an issue in deploying my project. It runs flawlessly in the Replit workspace but the problem arises during deployment. Here are the error messages from the log:

info: Deployment: [REDACTED] - [DATE]
info: Build: [REDACTED] - [DATE]
info: Connecting to builder - [DATE]
info: Builder connected - [DATE]
info: Installing packages - [DATE]
info: Skipping Build as no Build command set - [DATE]
fatal: can't create repl identity signing authority - [DATE]

I’ve ensured the following in an attempt to troubleshoot my situation:

  1. All necessary files for the application have accurate data.
  2. The .replit configuration file is correctly written for my ‘run’ command.
  3. I haven’t made any recent changes in the code which could result in this error.

The issue persists despite these efforts.

Every insight is appreciated while I continue troubleshooting in parallel.

Thank you.

Started having the same exact issue today and it was deploying ok yesterday. Please help!

Up, I am having this issue too!

Thanks for the report. I have esculated this bug to Replit staff


Glad you escalated the issue 5 hours ago.

But, this is taking a very long time to settle.

I am considering moving my app :slightly_frowning_face:

Well its the weekend so not as many people are working today.


This has been fixed.


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