Deployment in Team Pro now working


I hope someone can help me with this,. Probably just me being dim, but for repls inside my team space, the deployment tool is not available. When my repls are private I can deploy to production, but when inside a team, that options isn’t even visible anywhere?


Welcome to the forums.

Could you send a screenshot?

Sure @OmegaOrbitals .

Here’s A screenshots. You can see that the “Release” option is not available in the top bar.

Try scrolling the “Tools” section on the left. Maybe there’s a “Deployments” button there.

It’s not there either


Deployments are not currently supported on teams. Replit is currently working on adding it.


Aha! So there is currently no way for people to collaborate on a project and both be able to deploy?

You can invite people to that repl but you cant have it in a team

Got it. Thanks.

I tried to invite my colleague, but he didn’t get the deploy option. Will check again.

I think only the owner of the repl can deploy

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