Deployment error when I deploy mc server

This happens when I deploy my replit(
Screen Shot 2023-04-27 at 7.51.38 PM
Help pls

Hey there @Augustu2,
We are sad to say that Microsoft (Parent company of Mojang, creator of Minecraft) have filed copyright claims (DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act). According to Wikipedia, a DMCA is:

It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works

Therefore, these are going to be banned in the future on replit since eaglercraft allows one to access Minecraft without the restrictions, regulation, and $26.95 USD fee.

“Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia”. En.Wikipedia.Org, 2020,
---- Digital Millennium Copyright Act - Wikipedia.


But it is only the server not the client and it says that it can’t be breaking the dmca.

Afaik, as long as you are not hosting an actual minecraft server (by mojang), then it is breaking the DMCA. I am not quite sure, but i think the server and the client are bundled into one anyways.

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So I just can’t deploy it.

It might be a different issue for your deployment, but I am pretty sure everything and anything eaglercraft is covered by the DMCA.


Ok, then I’ll just figure it out.

Why don’t you just host a normal minecraft server? That will get you into no trouble, is official and free afaik.


You shouldn’t need to deploy the repl. Also, you should be able to use minecraft without anything that violates the ToS by setting up a minecraft server like normal and using websocat to make websocket connections to your repl go to your minecraft server.


Sorry to necro but I wanted to correct the record on something

This is almost definitely not true. These restrictions apply only to Yggdrasil subverters, and cracked servers. Hosting a Minecraft server itself as a service while abiding by and confirming the EULA manually in the eula.txt file as required by the vanilla Minecraft server jar is perfectly allowed and is how all vanilla Minecraft server hosts work. As long as OPs instance was not hosting a client alongside and the server makes the necessary calls to Yggdrasil, I strongly believe it is allowed.

Here’s a further reading source

tldr: hosting any type of cracked client is 100% not allowed. Yggdrasil bypassing is not allowed. Anything else (almost) is allowd.

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That is exactly what I said except more clearly.

I meant “by mojang” as in made by mojang, not hosted there.