Deployment error , Open port was not detected


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hostingpid1: an open port was not detected
2024-01-04T23:52:10Z error: The deployment failed to initialize due to a configuration or code error. Check the logs tab for more information

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Hi @SILENCEX3 , welcome to the forums!
You should deploy your bot as a Reserved VM and not Autoscale. Select Background worker for the Reserved VM.
Hope this helps!

but i just want to host my bot and i already pay for replit core , i do not want to pay extra for deployment

Unfortunately, Core only covers Autoscale and Static. Reserved VMs use Cycles, which you don’t get with Core.
Hope this helps!

is there anything i can do to host it on autoscale or static ?

@SILENCEX3 No, not that I know of.

ok guys not being a karen but really , there has to be a way for us who have core to run something like a bot on our plan , i just dropped offline a bot that 5k people are supposed to be currently using and i pay 3 times the price i used to pay for the plan , and i have to pay extra JUST to host that bot

anyway thank you for your time !, i will deploy it as a reserved VM , but think about it , you could allow for 1 RVM for each core user . :smiley: :boomerang:

You can make the bot in a Flask/Express server, then host it on Autoscale. This worked for another user.
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