Deployment - EOF Error

Hi guys!
Built an app that allows people to build a database of soccer players than build a weekend specific attendance and generate teams that are balanced based on skills (think if you run a meetup group with 1,000 people isgned up - only 20 show up per weekend and you need a quick way to auto-sort them into teams).

My code runs great on replit with no issues - however is not deploying and giving me EOF errors. Is there a way for me to just host via replit etc? However I need memory to be persistent (i.e. if I use the app today close and then use it in a week, I need to keep all the changes I made to the DBs in place…) this is the code here!

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Hi @karimahmad92 !
I found this bit from the Replit Docs:
’ 1. Are there any errors in your application? Look in the “Logs” tab at the top of the Deployments pane to see the output of your application. Are there any stack traces or exceptions that you can see? This indicates an error in your code due to various issues such as uninitialized variables or trying to use packages that aren’t installed.’
Could you try that?
You can also email

Then deployments aren’t exactly the way to go here regardless, unless your DB is external. Deployment filesystems are not persistent.

By default, Replit hosts web projects at a URL similar to this:


I’m using sqlite as my DB - which my understanding should be persistent. I am trying to host on replit but I am going into these deployment errors (showing EoF Errors on the logs)… not sure how to approach it

Depends if that’s local or remote. Local would be, but deployments do not have persistent filesystems. Remote should be in most cases.