Deployment Check

I have shutdown the deployment of one of my repl (a discord bot), however it still seems to be responding albeit my deployment tab no longer shows any active deployment. Is there a way to see all current deployments against a repl?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

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Make sure you have exited the editor as well (and also wait ~5 minutes) to prevent the development instance from also responding to your messages.

thanks for the feedback, however I noticed this behaviour when I don’t even have my repl editor opened. the state of the repl is also not running when I opened the editor. any other idea?

Perhaps try deploying it, then shutting it down?

I think that’s what OP did

I meant redeploying it.

yep, tried all those. I contacted support at the end and they were very helpful in diagnosing this.
They found a lingering vm that was not removed previously and they rectified that.


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