Deployment bundling returns error "Failed to get Nix directories"

The serve is installed. The issue occurs with all my React apps, so I’m unable to update them. I just hope Replit figures it out quickly.

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It’s a replit deployments issue, I suggest contacting support.

Same issue here:

2024-02-17T04:54:31Z fatal: Failed to get Nix directories

I contacted support a couple of days ago. Received an automated response from support about 26 hours ago.

I’m with you. Can’t deploy, so I hope they fix this quickly.

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@Fairies0feast This is the link to the repl. It’s an autoscale deployment.

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@CryptoRevolutio True but the deployment makes it more easily accessible and that’s what I am aiming for.

I know what “hidden” does, @7heMech. It hides files from the general public who views the repl. I hid it so you can’t find that :slight_smile:

BTW, it looks like you have two index.js files, which might be causing the error.

You may also want to remove the index.js’s and ungroup the files in main, and then deploy it as Static.

@Fairies0feast That’s cap, Replit would never allow 2 files of the same name to exist. I know which is which, trust me.

@bill-boulger thanks

That’s an interesting way to think of it :joy:

Temporary fix that worked for me- just fork the replit and deploy from the fork. Works perfectly and it gets out of whatever bad state was happening in the old replit.

Thanks, might do that. Only issue for me is I’m using a Replit database and would need to get the data across. Amazed this hasn’t been fixed yet.

It doesn’t work. I have tried to fork, or even make an empty project. I’m surprised that they still didn’t fix it. I guess it’s time to jump the ship

Hi, all.

Sorry about the trouble this has caused.

I’ve identified the problem here and am deploying a fix. Will update you when it is fully deployed.


Thank you, looking forward to it

All new sessions should be getting the fix now. I’ve successfully deployed a Bun and NodeJS template fork. Please let me know if you continue to have issues.



Ryan, I can confirm this worked.

The build was successfully bundled and promoted to production in my Repl after you applied this fix.

Thank you!

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That is not what hidden does. “Hidden” hides it from the person editing in the workspace, until they choose to show hidden files.
Hidden files are shown on the cover page.


I don’t know which of these you have chosen as hidden files, but I can see every file in your Repl.

I confirm that everything works on my end! Thank you very much.