Deploying website from Replit to Godaddy

Hello. I am trying to deploy my website to Godaddy but can’t seem to get it to work. I have linked my domain on replit under the deployments → settings tab and there is a green dot next to my domain name that says “verified”. I am using the A and TXT types.

On Godaddy, the record with the corresponding A and TXT from replit shows up under my DNS management settings. No error messages or anything.

But when I go to my website URL, I just get a generic Godaddy webpage instead of my website. I have waited for about a week to see if it was some sort of validation issue.

Any tips would be appreciated, this is my first time attempting to deploy my own website.

You could try going to the domain and pressing CTRL SHIFT R. This will refresh the page entirely.

Specifically refresh and clear cache.

Can you screenshot your GoDaddy DNS and send it here (block sensitive info), including if you have a nameservers part?

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Thanks for the help here. The IP address of the top A type entry matches what is on Replit.

And here is the nameserver information.

Could you try deleting the A route that has the address of Parked?


Just deleted it and went to my URL. Still getting this same generic Godaddy splash page

It’ll probably take ~10 minutes for that change to roll out to you, perhaps try a different browser/device in the meantime.

Copy that, ill give it a few

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That did it! Thank you so much, I tried every resource I could think of before posting. :heart:


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