Deploying HTML| only webview works

When i try to deploy my website i keeps saying my html is not supported

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Hey @BrendonBergeron!

Please make sure you’re deploying your Repl as Static.

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i alr bought the VM, How do i switch?

nvm i found it but what is my public directory? First time doing this

probably /for the public directory I think

Thanks, I got it to work but now when i click on a game it dont work its jst a white screen but when i go the preview it works jst fine

Main URL:

Preview URL:

okay so hosting a games site on replit is sussy behaviour but I’ll assume you have legal permission to host this and move on :slight_smile:

that’s because the preview url automatically redirects (that’s just an example) to which is the actual folder. the deployed version doesn’t do that, it stays on so when you are redirecting, you will want to change all games to go to /drift-hunters/, not /drift-hunters

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So I need to Change the folder name to /drift-hunter/ or change to index.html from /drift-hunters to /drift-hunters/

Nevermind got it to work bc of you!! Thank you so much

Mark that post as Solution.

but is there a way to add a browser? Like somene can look something up using my website or go on a diff website but still be on my website

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You could do that using <iframe>s, but you should make a topic in HTML/CSS/JS if that’s not a Deployment-specific issue. Also, in relation to the contents of your website, it sounds like you’re trying to make an unblocker/masker for school which is not ethical and likely goes against the ToS of Replit.


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That’s called a proxy which is against Replit’s TOS.

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