Deployed VM repls are dead for a long time now

Problem description

I have atleast 2 repls deployed on vm and if they are running they will send me an email to indicate so. Both were working fine a few months ago for a long time. They are different types of apps but both run in the background. One of them has not send the alert email it should for 2 weeks now. I checked the Deployment logs and they are completely empty but it says they are running. Obviously the deployment log function is still not working properly. I traced the email alert problem backwards by verifying my email provider and login credentials were working fine and to the appropriate address and they are working fine. My app itself has not been changed in any way and should still be running just fine. It seems there are issues with these deployments. Since the logs are empty but it says they are running I can’t provide any other useful information.

Expected behavior

The app should run and the deployment logs should provide some sort of information but they don’t.

Actual behavior

it just says “deployed” but doesn’t do anything anymore

Steps to reproduce

It says its running, the code hasn’t changed at all since I was working, there is literally nothing different on my end.





Device if mobile



teams pro

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Hi @avataraustin !
Try re-deploying your repl anyway.

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