Deployed Successfully : But discord Bot responds only when "Run"

How to migrate from Always run keep_alive() to Deployment for Discord Bot.

Earlier I used to keep the bot alive by always run and keep_alive(). Since I moved to deployed. It doesn’t stay always on
Repl link:

code snippet

Welcome to the forums, @AshuthoshGowda!
Are you using the Reserved VM deployment type?

Yes I am. It seems to have deployed successfully too

I also do not understand what Production and Development Server implies?
Am I supposed to have 2 separate deployment repls with 2 version?

Where do you see this? Could you send the error?

Also, if you have a Reserved VM, it will have 99.99% uptime (according to Replit), so as long has you run it from the deployment link ( it should stay on. Pressing the :arrow_forward: Run button will not in any way affect your deployment, only the development enivroment.

Oh I assumed 99.99% uptime (according to Replit) would imply it’s always “Run”

Hmm, Not sure where the issue is, but my command works when I Hit the “Run” button and then chat with by discord bot.
If it’s not “Run” it doesn’t respond. How to check this?

Are you talking about the “run” button in the repl dev environment?

The Orange Run Button

This will not affect the actual deployment. This is only controlling the development environment. This means it only actually affects the domain (soon to be You should be using the deployment domain (

How to ensure my discord bot is pointing to deployment domain and not development domain?

I don’t much expertise when it comes to discord bots, but have you entered the link anywhere, ever?

If the site has a web domain, why is it a discord bot? I thought those don’t have any web frameworks attached?

I think it still does have web domain.

My Main Q is how to point discord bot to a different env Dev and Deployment?

It should already be on.
The production url given says the repl has been deployed. The bot should be always turned on. Can you test it?

The bot is on.
But both env are pointing to the discord bot.
How can I ensure I turn off 1 env while turning on the other?