Deploy shuts down with inactivity


Im having some dificulties to keep my telegram bot “alive”.

I have a code that fetches and returns some data to a telegram group upon someone interacting with it on telegram.

I deployed with autoscale in replit but if the bot is inactive for a while, then it wont run anymore until I come to replit and run it manually.

Could you let me know why this happens?

I had the impression that with deploys replit could work as a full production environment without shutting down, Im on hacker plan.

For reliable uptime, use Reserved VM. Or, just like you’d (until 2024) do with, add your repl’s URL to a pinger such as, but with that you could get occasional restarts


And it won’t work once deployments are in full force


thanks for the fix. i went with uptime robot for now!

@JoaoLages1 Beware that by January 1st, 2024, Uptime Robot will not work. Keep this in mind.

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So the only viable solution for a telegram or discord bot to be kept alive after January is a reserved VM?

That is correct, make sure you keep it in mind.

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If you want reliable uptime, yes.
Otherwise, uptimerobot should continue to work on autoscale deployments.

(by “URL” I meant the URL of the autoscale deployment)