Deploy PyGame python

To deploy my Pygame project on Replit, I tried using an autoscale but encountered an error: “replit deploy PM hosting pid1: an open port was not detected,” and the deployment failed.

What command should I use as the “Run command?” ?

Deployments keep the site running continuously.

You cannot deploy a PyGame project because it is not a site. To use deployments for games, you will have to redesign your game for a website.

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Is it possible to embed my game on a website using an iframe?

Possible: yes; that’s what Replit is doing now
Easy: probably not; I’m not sure how to do it
You can embed a Repl inside a website, but that would not keep it on. You could set your Pygame Repl to “Always On”, but I’m not sure why you would need to because users will have to start from the beginning anyway.

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I need it to host a demo; it would just require users to be able to go fullscreen.

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You could transfer your game to an Html site using the method described here: