Deploy - account restrictions

Hi :wave:t2: this appear when I try to deploy my project :frowning::pensive: some mod can tell me why my account have restrictions? :pleading_face:

(I have core subscription)

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Hey @Maglimarth welcome to the forums!

Are you using or are you using a school account? This can make your account have restrictions. Otherwise you may want to use the help button ? for your issue.


Thx for your reply :pray:t2: I’m using normal account
(my subscription had expired a few days ago and i renewed it today in the app store, could this be due to this? “I had used the site the previous time”

Sorry for my bad English , I’m Italian

Some other people had the error of using the App Store to renew and couldn’t deploy. You could try what I said and click “Billing” as the issue.

Here’s a translation (Google Translate, might be some errors) if you are more comfortable like this →

Alcune altre persone hanno avuto l’errore di utilizzare l’App Store per il rinnovo e non sono riuscite a distribuirlo. Potresti provare quello che ho detto e fare clic su “Billing” come problema.

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