Deleted/"Invisible" Projects Preventing Rename

I’m trying to use one of my projects in a unit as a starting point for another project in the same unit. Both the Copy project and Share projects features had some hiccups when I initially tried using them (a subject for another thread at another time), and for various reasons I ended up deleting my first couple attempts.

Now that I have a duplicate project to my liking and try to rename it I get a message saying that I already have a Repl with that name. The only Repl that had that name before was supposed to be deleted, and isn’t showing up anywhere in that Team’s page.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Are “deleted” projects hidden from view instead of actually removed from the Team?

Hi @d.r.seagal welcome to the community!

I’ve not experienced this issue using Teams for Edu myself but I think you are going to need to speak with Replit Support as they are the only ones who will be able to look behind the curtain and give you a definitive answer.

Please use to highlight this issue.

Thanks for the warm welcome @IanAtReplit!

When reaching out to Support is it alright to refer them to threads and posts here in Ask?

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Hi @d.r.seagal that’s no problem at all. Glad to have you here!

I think it’s really useful to share threads / post URLs in the support calls as it can give good context. Sometimes support will respond to the threads too!