Deleted files in my replit, (and yes i tried using the CLUI)

So one of the people i invited to my repl decided to delete all of the files and now i have nothing, i tried restoring from CLUI but it says that there have been no deleted files. I tired using an old version of the repl i downloaded but that’s not what i’m looking for because i had manny thing that i did after that save of the repl. If anyone has any idea on how to get the files back please help.

Link to repl:
its a private repl so it doesn’t really help

Hey @LovingCats5!

If you create a file with the exact same name as the ones you deleted, they will be recovered.

(The CLUI can recover Repls, but not individual files.)

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Yeah i know about that, but there are too many file that got deleted and i don’t even know the name to them.

You could use Repl History to revert your Repl back to before you created it.nvm, repl history is gone

I wish it was that easy

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Yeah. There probably isn’t any way to restore your Repls. Maybe contact support?

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How or where do I do that?

Just edited the above post to include the link.

You could check your browser history because the urls contain paths.

What option should i select? I suppose the technical help?

I use the desktop app so idk

I did that but it showed up as billing support???

I suppose Account issue, then Other

Oh my i duplicated the text

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