Deleted files after platform update

I joined today and saw a message that I can upgrade my repl to the nix system and now I lost almost all my files. How Can I revert that?

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You can restore them by making files with the same names as the deleted files.

If the content is empty on some of the files, you can open the file and click the History button on the bottom right. Use the slider to go back to previous versions of your file.

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I had too many files. I can’t remember all their names.

if some of your files are databases, you can see this guide here: Here is what you do after you accidentally deleted your database

Yes, some are databases but I also had some Python files. I can’t understand how/why the nix upgrade deleted everything.

Hey @xWonder87x!

I am sorry that this has happened to you. I have escalated this to the team as a high-priority issue and will let you know as soon as I have an update.


I think your old files are suffixed with .backup.

@xWonder87x Can you send us the link to your Repl?