Delete submission and make them do it again?

After a project is submitted is there a way to delete the submission and make them do it over from scratch?
The only way I can see is to go into the History and slide it all the way back to square one.
Any other ideas?

Hi @jtramontana that’s a great question!

Can I ask why you would want to delete the submission? Normally I just add some comments in threads and don’t tick the reviewed checkbox.

I have 1 situation where the repl has gone into a bad state (I think this is the case).

import java.util.Scanner; 

instruction works and

import java.util.*;

does not, the rest of the code is same.

This is the case for this particular repl only,

import java.util.*;

along with the rest of the code works fine when copied into other repl.

Hi @patilsandeep if you use History to get the Repl into its initial state (drag the timeline to the far left) can the code be pasted in successfully?

If not then I would log this as a bug so Repl support can take a look at what is happening in this instance more closely. Click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl and select Report a Bug.

Thank you @IanAtReplit Bug raised.

I got a reply “Sometimes unexpected issues occur in a particular repl, which are unexplainable.” This is why we need this feature.