Delete my codes, how can I recover it?


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Hey @OdiliaCaxaj welcome to the forums!

In your Repl click History in the bottom left of your code, rewind it by clicking the arrows or dragging the bar until your code is back and click Restore to Here. Hope this helps!


Hi @OdiliaCaxaj , welcome to the forums!
If you deleted your codes, you can press CTRL+Z to undo.
Or, if you deleted a file, you can create a new file with the same name abd the code will be restored in that file.
Hope this helps!


This did not work for my code file that I accidentally deleted. Help???

files can’t be recovered, or so I thought

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Well we’re in luck! As NateDhaliwal said, you make a new file and give it the same name ( in my case). But this doesn’t automatically restore the code. You need to go into the history and back it up, but it’s there!

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