Delay + unexpected message on all Python Repls

Bug description:
Starting two days ago, every time I or anyone I know runs a Repl of any sort in Python, it takes about 10 seconds on average (The time ranges from 3-30 seconds from what I have tested, although once it took a minute) of loading and then displays this text in the terminal under the packager section before running the program:
→ poetry env list --full-path

Expected vs Current Behavior:
This has never happened before. I expect it to immediately run the program as it always has without displaying this message in the terminal or delaying runtime by 3-30 seconds.

Steps to reproduce:
Run a project in a Python template. From what I have observed on both my Repls and the Repls of my friends, this always happens no matter the Python project.

Bug appears at this link:
Here’s an extremely simple example I made to demonstrate, although any Python project should do.

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Browser: Opera GX
OS: Windows 11 Home build 22631.3085
Device: Slate MR gaming PC from Costco. However, this happens on all other computers I have observed as well.

Replit Profile:


It worked, thank you! However, I am still confused why that randomly started happening, and why it happens on new projects and other people’s Repls as well. I f someone could explain why that would be greatly appreciated.

Replit recently changed the install command for Python.

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Oh ok, thx for telling me. I wonder why they don’t have the disableInstall thing on by default?

From what I understand, it’s a design decision. For a long time UPM (Universal Package Manager) has done stuff in the background without surfacing it. Now that we have a separate Packager output, we will start logging more about what UPM is doing to give you more visibility into what is going on.

Personally, I’m always a fan of visibility, but I also like the option to turn it off so it’s nice that we have both. We’ve been working on improving the delay as well.

Overall, I’d say just give it some time to see what further changes the team makes. If it ends up being too impactful or noisy, we’ll adjust from there, but hopefully the logging ends up being a nice addition.


Hey all!

The delay as well as the poetry env list --full-path showing up in the Console output was due to Fix poetry show package dir by blast-hardcheese · Pull Request #182 · replit/upm · GitHub in our underlying packaging infrastructure. Sorry that this ended up having an unintended degradation on performance, that should be fixed now.

The disableInstallBeforeRun = true should no longer be necessary.

There will likely be more changes coming up as we move closer towards supporting a more recent version of poetry, keep an eye out for it!


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