Default suggestion: make the interactive Python console the default template for Teams for Education

Describe your feature request
Make the interactive Python console, ‘Python (with Prybar)’, the default new repl template for Teams for Education

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Students learning an interactive language can benefit greatly from being able to execute simple commands interactively from the console or investigate the state of their program.

In the case of education, teachers don’t have a the time to spend discovering obscure things like Prybar so it would likely be beneficial for students if Teams for Education were to default to ‘Python (with Prybar)’ rather than ‘Python’.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
‘Create project’ in Teams uses the default Python template to create a new repl. That repl lacks the interactive console which ‘Python (with Prybar)’ has.

Hi @EricDunbar1 !
Can’t you choose the Python-with-Prybar template when creating a team repl? Using the search function?


I think the problem is that the default doesn’t include prybar. I think that the problem is that prybar makes it harder for people to configure .replit, but has its benefits such as interactive debugging.

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Don’t they use the system to determine the template of the repl? Whether it’s making a new repl or a team repl, is it not the same, just that the ownership is changed?

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No, when you create a repl, you have to choose the language. OP wants the default changed, so let the default be changed. (“Let them eat cake!”)

The point is to make it the default if you’re using it in Teams for Education and choosing Python. Chances are 90% of educators will not have the time to discover that replit does indeed offer the interactive python console. For teaching purposes the interactive console is incredibly valuable since it allows students to explore their program.

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True. You have my vote!

EDIT: I have run out of votes within my quota, so unfortunately I can only vote verbally and not quantitatively towards this cause.